After countless branding projects, NelNel created a method that works. This method takes you from abstract associations to strong brand elements. Let's take a look at the five steps we take in this process.

Transforming ideas into design systems.



An extensive briefing is fundamental. In this way, you set clear goals, expectations and key moments before you start the creative journey.


After your input we are ready to move on to the core session. In this four hour creative session we will be looking at brand values, target audiences and inspiration. We eventually end up with three main associations that truly capture the core of your brand.

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Now that you know the three associations of your brand, we are ready to start designing. This first visual translation will be a 'stylescape' (find below). This is like a more extensive moodboard that shows a possible design direction. A stylescape is not a definitive design deliverable, but will help us to know which direction we want to go.


After the approval of one of the stylescapes, it is time to design. This step makes any designer's heart beat faster, because this is when we can go into the nitty-gritty of design. On this stage the approved stylescape will be used to create a complete design system. So think about responsive logos, colour palettes, fonts and many other elements that make a good design system. Please find below a part of an approved logo presentation.


Now that we have a well thought out design system, we are ready to produce brand elements like websites, posters, templates and more. Whatever your needs are, NelNel delivers.


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