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As a proud queer & non-binary illustrator & designer Nel (they/them) lives for meaningful change. Through the power of design, Studio NelNel is founded to push brands to be more bold, inclusive, diverse, human and vulnerable.

In this way NelNel aims to make this world a bit more beautiful - one design at the time.


Nel (they/them) has graduated with distinction at Goldsmiths University of London with a MA Race, Media and Social Justice. During their graduation study, Nel listened to the 'echoes of slavery' of Amsterdam, in which they used recorded sounds from the city to critically interpret its archives.

Together with a nearly ten year work experience in graphic design, they love to combine sociology with design. They also picked up their childhood love of drawing by delivering illustration work.

We are serving you star quality realness.



Nel loves to engage with a topic in order to deliver a strong and effective design solution. The more they know how you feel about your concept, the better the design will be. So don't be shy - share who you are and what your aspirations are. Then we'll definitely make something awesome together.


Are you an activist working on an expo or demo? Shoot me a message and I might offer my work free of charge.


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NelNel is founded by one, yet powered by many. Our team of experts from different perspectives celebrate your drive for meaningful change. Are you ready to shine bright like a diamond?

Phil Veloso - Webdeveloper

Tess Semin - Illustrator