for change

Designing to drive meaningful change - for brands, activists and creatives.


Designer, Illustrator &
Sociologist in one.

Nel is a graphic designer based in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Their practice has an open, critical and human approach and is always driven by dialogue and awareness of the given context, resulting in mixed media outcomes with a strong focus for simplicity. They are motivated to translate extensive research into concepts that stay visually true to their essence.

After studying at VU Amsterdam (Communications Science), Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Design & Sociology) and graduating with distinction at Goldsmiths University of London (MA Race, Media and Social Justice), Nel has developed a deep sensitivity in social issues that matter. They love to combine sociology with design to create meaningful change. 


Longlist Galjaardprijs 2019

NelNel Art

"Intimate, queer & bold"

Alongside designing to change, NelNel produces its own illustrations to tell stories about identity, gender and social justice. 10% of all profits goes directly to action groups.