What You See Festival

A colorful, queer and gender inclusive society through arts

NelNel partnered on

Redefining WYS' brand narrative and implementing a clear, accessible and user-centric digital platform with a seamless experience: from event to ticket.


This international arts festival focused on gender and identity is serving you undiscovered artists, uniquely composed programs, unexpected pop-up performances, free exhibitions and more. Through its boundary pushing character, WYS is shifting societal narratives and opening up new worlds of imagination.

Art can change my your our the world

By quickly evolving from a local arts festival into a cultural catalyst, What You See asked help for redefining its brand narrative. After hosting collaborative branding sessions, NelNel implemented a clear, accessible and user-centric platform authentically showcasing the festival's richness while ensuring a seamless checkout experience.

Thanks to our enduring collaboration, we've propelled this brand to stand out. With a fresh, new design and clear navigation, What You See now proudly shows even more people the transformative power of the arts.


Branding / Logo update / Webdesign / Webdevelopment


What You See

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Tessa-de-Geus | Anne-Fay Kops | Corpus Criolla